Workshops & Classes

Come join a workshop, or book a series of classes for your community or business. Learn self-care methods through massage, the CMI system and simple exercises to change your movement habits and your relationship to pain and injury.

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Workshops & Classes

Individual workshops and a 10 Class Series are available for both private and corporate events.

Individual workshops are 75 minutes long and are a great introduction to this work. 

In this 10 Class Series participants will learn the 6 Pathways of Core Movement Integration (CMI), and how to use them in their daily lives. Topics focused on are Body Awareness, Movement Awareness, Active Sitting - how to sit and stay moving, Standing and Walking, Floor exercises to reduce back and neck pain. Participants will be provided with educational material to take home. 

The 10 Classe Series can be scheduled twice a week for 5 consecutive weeks, or once a week for 10 consecutive weeks. Each class is 60 minutes. 


Specialized Workshops

Specialized Workshops focus more deeply on specific concepts or areas of movement. These workshops last from 2.5 to 3 hours.