Individual Sessions

Individual Sessions are a great way to explore this type of bodywork. Find relief with chronic pain and find solutions.


$120.00 for a 60 Minute Session

$150.00 for a 75 Minute Session

$180 for a 90 Minute Session


Treatment Plan Packages

Treatment Plan Packages are a set of 8 Individual Sessions geared towards resolving a specific physical condition ranging from chronic pain, poor posture and movement habits to aiding in the rehabilitation of an injury.

These Treatment Plans are designed to be an intensive immersion into new movement habits to promote change.

8 - 60 Minute Sessions - $720.00

8 - 75 Minute Sessions - $900.00

8 - 90 Minute Sessions - $1080.00

*Treatment Plans expire within 12 Months of Purchase.*

25% Savings by investing in a Treatment Plan

On-Site Bodywork, Workshops & Classes

If you are interested in On-Site Bodywork, a Workshop. or a series of Classes for your business or community then please contact me for more details.    

Other Workshops & Special Event pricing  will be posted on the Events Page.