On-Site Bodywork Sessions

Host the therapist at your location to provide your people with hands-on bodywork, movement therapy & massage.

Providing your community with the means to take care of themselves is essential to their health, and the health of their environment. Events that host an on-site therapist benefit from patrons and participants that feel better. Companies with in-house wellness programs benefit from employees that feel better at work.

Schedule an On-Site Event to offer bodywork sessions from 5 min each up to 60 min each. Sessions 20 min or longer are recommended if you are interested in incorporating movement into the sessions. A 4 hour minimum time slot is required for On-Site Events.

Long Term Plans are available if you are interested in offering regular bodywork to your community for an extended period time. A minimum of 6 months is require to qualify. 75 min and 90 min sessions are available for Long Term Plans.