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Classes Starting in August! 

Monthly Theme: Moving Away From Pain! An Intro to the CMI System. 


Movement Pathways

Mon 7:30p-8:30p


A study of human anatomy, movement and mindfulness taught through the Six Pathway Exercise System of CMI. You will learn exercises you can add to your existing practices, and you will learn how to use the same movements in your daily activities. Over time, through practice, you will notice changes in your habitual movement patterns, improved posture and less pain. 


Center & Connect

Thu 12:00-1:00

A focus on the meditative aspect of CMI. Learn mental and physical techniques to calm your nervous system and re-connect with your body. Through breath work, body scan meditations and guided functional movement we will explore how our breath relates to our movements; how to engage through our cores through slow tiny movements, and begin to relieve actual physical restrictions creating space in our bodies.  



Fri 7:00a-8:00a

A morning wake up routine inspired by Qi Gong, CMI, Yoga, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino Martial Arts and CMI. Gentle self-massage techniques, some meditation with breath work, stances, light warm up exercises followed by a brief pathway sequence to set your brain and body up for efficient movement patterns for the day. 


Drop-In Rate for classes is $20.00