Photo by Devrimb/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Devrimb/iStock / Getty Images

Decrease pain, increase strength, flexibility and improve your posture by retraining your brain and body. 

How we move is mapped out in our brains and central nervous system (CNS). From the time we started moving in life....

What is Core Movement Integration?

The experience of CMI is similar to joining in on a T'ai Chi, Yoga or even a dance class where the student is guided through a set of movements.  As the focus of CMI is on functional and natural movements that we use everyday, the lessons learned in CMI can be used synergistically with other movement practices.... 


Root To Core is an On-Site and Home Visit service providing people with solutions to chronic pain, poor posture, movement issues and a deeper understanding of self-care through Therapeutic Bodywork, Movement Therapy and Massage Therapy.